Import Customs Declaration Self-rectification Policy

Project in public consultation.

The General Directorate of Customs issued a policy on the self-rectification of import customs declarations due to the entry into force of article 82 of CAUCA IV, article 333 of RECAUCA IV, article 90 of the General Customs Law and articles 251, 252, 253, 254 of the Regulations to the General Customs Law.

The self-rectification policy introduces changes to enable the declaring himself to correct the Customs Import Declaration.

Some general policy considerations:

  • The self-rectification of the customs declaration will be carried out for those declarations in ORI status and green channel, when the changes can be corroborated by the documents attached to the customs declaration.
  • Annex I- Self-rectifying fields without authorization from Customs Control.
  • Annex II- Fields that are not self-rectifying, require processing before Customs Control and have a resolution for authorization.
  • Annex III- Self-rectifying fields that require prior authorization from Customs Control.
  • Annex IV- Self-rectifying fields for DUAS in DEC status (capacity).

The necessary documents are available (in Spanish only) at the following links.

Reforms to articles 110, 111 and 111 bis of the Regulations to the Free Zone Regime Law

Project in public consultation.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade issued reforms to articles 110, 111 and 111 bis of the Regulations to the Free Zone Regime Law, in accordance with the provisions of articles 361 and following of the General Law of Public Administration and articles 4 and 17 of the Law of Protection of citizens from excess requirements and administrative procedures.

The reforms introduce changes to the procedures in recycling inventory operations and destruction of goods under the free zone regime.

Some general considerations of the reforms:

  • New provisions regarding deadlines for communicating minutes to Customs Control.
  • The requirement for prior authorization by Customs Control to proceed with destruction and recycling operations is eliminated.
  • New provision on the power of Customs Control to inspect the destruction or recycling process at any time without implying a rescheduling of this or others in progress.
  • New provision in destruction processes, on the need to have the presence of a witness.

You can obtain the complete documents at the following link: