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We are Pro Bono Leading Light 2021

Latin Lawyer and the Cyrus R. Vance Center once again recognize BLP as a Pro Bono Leading Light. This distinction highlights the commitment of our lawyers to voluntary service while celebrating the remarkable contribution of Sostenibilidad by BLP to strengthening the pro bono culture in Latin America.

BLP Podcast – Principales Novedades de la Ley Concursal

Only available in Spanish

Reunimos a nuestros expertos de la práctica de Banca & Finanzas para conversar sobre las principales novedades que incluye la Ley Concursal en Costa Rica. En esta ocasión nos acompañan los abogados de BLP, Andrés López y José Pablo Rojas.

Episodio completo disponible en todas las plataformas:

Insurance Insights EP 2 – Declaración del Riesgo

Only available in Spanish

En esta nueva temporada de BLP Podcast nos enfocamos en el sector asegurador dedicando un nuevo segmento llamado Insurance Insights. Reunimos a nuestros expertos de la práctica de Seguros & Reaseguros para conversar sobre los principales temas que interesan al sector asegurador de Costa Rica, en esta ocasión hablamos sobre la Declaración del Riesgo junto a los abogados de BLP, Alberto Bogantes y Neftalí Garro.

Episodio completo disponible en todas las plataformas:

Legal Provisions for Regional Holidays 2023

Our regional Labor & Employment team has prepared a guide that summarizes all mandatory and non-mandatory paid holidays in Central America, ideal for Human Resources teams with operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Doing Business Guide

Registering a trademark? What taxes does your company have to pay? We share a comprehensive guide on how to do business in each country of the region.

Feel free to download the guide below, according to your region.


Check the status of your company through our online diagnostics.

Health risks and occupational safety of returning to the office

Is it safe to go back to the office? Our diagnosis discovers the Occupational Health and Safety threats that exist when returning to work onsite. (Available in Spanish)

Real estate and corporate healthcheck 

Do you want to know if you, your company, and/or your properties are in compliance with Costa Rican legislation? 

Corporate restructuring
Would restructuring your business entity bring more liquidity and optimize operations? (Available in Spanish)