For more than 20 years, BLP has provided legal advice to emerging and established companies on the best ways to develop their businesses in Central America. In 2003, a group of lawyers envisioned a different legal practice for Latin America. We believed that companies needed legal advisors who offered a distinctive approach to business. Hence our name:

Business Law Partners.

We believe that conformism is the enemy of success.
That’s why we constantly look for great challenges, projects, goals, objectives, transactions.





Business Law Partners

We are true business allies to our clients.

By always seeking the YES for our clients, we produce positive results.

Innovation Culture

We are constantly seeking the satisfaction of our clients.

Full-service law firm

Highly specialized services through a single point of contact.



Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our work.

Digital Work Culture

We evolve into a highly efficient digital environment.

Lawyers 24/7

Lawyers at the complete disposal of their clients.

Scholarships and Continuing Legal Education

We invest in the most valuable asset: our people.


Client-first driven

Good work environment

We believe that good performance is only achieved in a good environment.

Environmental and Social Sustainability

We take co-responsibility and execute actions that allow for the conservation of the planet for future generations.

Business Community

Access to an international network of contacts.

Professional Profile

Access to an international network of contacts.


Our commitment with sustainable developemnt

At BLP, we firmly believe that successful companies cannot exist in failed societies. Since 2008, we have articulated a sustainability strategy designed to realize our commitment to developing a program of active and responsible participation in solving regional social problems.

This is achieved through actions that contribute to the economic, human, and social development of the region, preventing environmental degradation, promoting social justice, equity, and cultural diversity in accordance with the goals set for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Network of contacts around the world

BLP continues to develop an extensive network of contacts with leading law firms around the globe. Our active participation in exclusive legal networks such as the World Service Group, Meritas, Interlaw, GALA, ELA, Insuralex, Interlex, IFG, enables us to share a collective awareness of the latest and best legal practices worldwide.

Awards & Recognitions

The elite law firms in Central America and Latin America recognize BLP for outstanding work in the region’s most complex transactions and cases.

Our clients and numerous distinctions from the most prestigious international legal directories confirm the firm’s leadership.

BLP Group

Convinced that companies need legal advisors who offer a distinctive approach to business, BLP has diversified and expanded its business services offering through the BLP Group:


A company dedicated to consulting and providing Environmental Services and Occupational Health and Food Safety, with operations at a regional level in Central America. 


A company specializing in immigration advice and global relocation. We advise and support foreigners and investors looking to move to other countries where they want to start a new life.