According to guidelines issued by the Immigration Office, as well as the provisions of the Regulation for the Granting of Entry Visas to Costa Rica (Executive Decree No. 36626-G):

  • As of February 21, 2022, Costa Rica will require Venezuelan nationals to present an entry visa.

Venezuelans must now process a consulted visa before the consulates of Costa Rica duly accredited abroad before entering the national territory.

  • Exception: Only in cases of emergency or force majeure, Costa Rican consuls are authorized to directly issue the visa, without the need to consult the Immigration Office.

In addition, an airport transit visa will also be established for Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan nationals.

Any national of Nicaragua, Cuba, or Venezuela, who intends to enter the country by air under the immigration category of tourist, or a foreign person in transit who is making airline connections, must present the requirements and respect the procedures established by the Immigration Office.