New rules were established for the letter of exception to the sanitary vehicle restriction*:

  • As of August 1, all letters of exception to the restriction of sanitary vehicles must be re-issued, indicating the new date on which they were written.
  • These letters will be valid for two months, starting from their date of issue.
  • Such letters may be presented in physical or digital form.
  • In addition to the exception letter, sanitary vehicle workers must present the relevant institutional badge or business card.
  • Any exception letter issued before August 1 is invalid.  Therefore, the letter must state that it is effective as of August 1, 2020, or later date.

*Due to decree 42485-MOPT-S, which reforms executive decrees 42253-MOPT-S of March 24, 2020, 42295-MOPT-S of April 11, 2020, and 42484-MOPT-S of July 17, 2020.