Those natural or legal persons who wish to import raw materials with CBD and manufacture hemp-derived products in Costa Rica must apply to the Ministry of Health for authorization to manufacture hemp derivatives or hemp products of health interest under the provisions in law 10113 Law on Cannabis for Medicinal and Therapeutic Use and Hemp for Food and Industrial Use and Decree 43689-MP-MAG-S Regulation of Hemp for Food and Industrial Use.

This authorization allows those individuals or legal entities the right to acquire hemp for the manufacture, storage, distribution, and marketing of non-psychoactive derivatives and products of health interest.

In its request for authorization, an applicant must meet a series of requirements to submit to the authority for analysis and review. Once the Ministry accepts and verifies the documentation, it will issue a resolution approving or denying the application.

The term of this authorization is six (6) years from the date of its granting, renewable for equal periods at the request of the interested party and after verification of the corresponding requirements.

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