BLP highlights its leading role in structuring the historic agreement for the protection of the source of this vital river.

Guatemala, September 25, 2023. Several government and international cooperation institutions, together with private companies and fundamental support from BLP, joined in an unprecedented effort for the protection and recovery of the Motagua River Basin. The initiative seeks to establish comprehensive measures that preserve environmental and human health in the region and thus, create and establish the Alliance for the Motagua River Basin.

The BLP law firm, with its outstanding track record in legal advice, joins this crusade in its continuous commitment to advocating for sustainable solutions. Its crucial role in structuring the agreement underscores its committed and proactive approach to addressing the region’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The Motagua River Basin, shared between Guatemala and Honduras, represents a key point of action for conservation, which directly affects more than four million people and the biodiversity of the region.

The multi-sector inter-institutional agreement, signed today at the National Palace of Culture, proposes the creation of the Alliance for the Motagua River Basin, unifying efforts to promote specific projects, awareness campaigns and technical cooperation.

“It is an honor to be a proactive part and allow us to provide legal advice in the establishment of this agreement, the objectives of which include the adequate treatment of solid waste, relocation of landfills, wastewater sanitation and public policies aimed at environmental protection,” said Rodolfo Salazar, partner of BLP.

National impact

The impact of this initiative throughout our country covers various areas:

1. Articulation of inter-institutional actors for the safeguarding of the Motagua River Basin.

2. Promotion of projects with a focus on the preservation of the river and its rehabilitation, including waste and wastewater treatment.

3. Strengthening sanitation strategies, incorporating all sectors involved.

4. Promotion of citizen participation in the recovery of the Motagua River.

5. Monitoring and optimizing existing projects to ensure their effectiveness.

6. Incorporation of agile methodologies for continuous improvements in the recovery and preservation of the aforementioned river basin.

7. Coordination with the Cuencas technical tables established in Government Agreement 19-2021.

8. Prevention of degradation of water resources through adequate management of waste and solid waste.

9. Elimination of clandestine garbage dumps and sources of pollution in the basin.

10. Intervention with sanitation strategies and sustainable control over environmental impacts.

11. Facilitation of education on sustainable consumption habits.

12. Prevention of waste generation through educational campaigns.

The Government institutions involved in the signing of this agreement are the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), the Presidential Commission of Municipal Affairs (COPRESAM), Municipality of Guatemala. However, it is expected and encouraged that the Alliance for Motagua River Basin will unite Ministries of State, Municipalities and other centralized and decentralized government entities.

Some of the entities and companies that participate in this historic signing are BLP, Zone Environmental Services, AMBEV, Rotary International, Fundación Crecer Guatemala, Fundación Azteca, Alcances Médicos, S.A., Asociación de Reservas Naturales Privadas de Guatemala, and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance – SOA- Guatemala, among others.

This agreement is a significant step towards a sustainable future, demonstrating that collaboration between different sectors is essential to protect our natural resources and ensure a healthy environment for future generations.