It is essential for companies that submit quotations and bids for products and services to the State and its agencies to be informed that, as of Monday, March 6, new Regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare will come into effect, with the following characteristics:

1. In the Registry of Absences from Work and Social Security, the Absences in force for one year from the date of notification by the Labor Inspectorate or the Misdemeanors Courts will appear.

2. To obtain a reliability status (solvency), a user must be listed on a new platform enabled by the Ministry.

3. The solvency will have a cost of Q100.00.

4. The validity of the solvency is 100 days and will be verified through a QR code.

At BLP, our specialized team can assist you with the solvency process. For more information, contact Fernando Méndez, Director of Labor Practice in Guatemala, or Rubén Fuentes, Associate of Regulatory Practice. [email protected] | [email protected]