On July 6, a new regulation regarding the functions and powers of CONESUP entered into force in response to an urgent necessity and in agreement with the current changes and needs faced by Higher Education in our country.

Among the relevant provisions, we can mention, for example:

  1. The exemption in compliance with the procedures to modify study plans and careers now applies to those cases in which changes to the study plan result from an accreditation process approved by SINAES.
  2. Virtual education is recognized and regulated. An added section controls study plans, enrollment, and procedures related to and adapted to the virtual modality.
  3. The possibility of proposing different education modalities for approval by CONESUP is added, for example, the dual and bilingual modalities.
  4. Finally, a transitory order requires that CONESUP develop and publish a digital registry of eligible teachers within a year from the budget and resources assigned by the MEP.

Full access to the new CONESUP regulation at this link (only available in Spanish).