January 1 is a public holiday regulated in the region as follows:

Costa Rica: Under Article 148 of the Labor Code, January 1 is a compulsory payment holiday. An employer with a weekly payment method (non-commercial activity) who pays only the days worked must pay this day as if worked even if the employee has the day off

An employer that pays a biweekly or monthly salary must include the day in the biweekly or monthly payment.

If the employee works the holiday, the employer must make the corresponding payment adjustment so that the employee receives an additional payment for that date.

Guatemala: This date represents a compulsory payment day from noon on December 31 and all day on January 1. An employee that works from noon on December 31 or any time on January 1 is entitled to the daily salary plus an amount equal to a full day (double-time),as stipulated in the Labor Code, articles 127, 128, and 129.

Honduras: January 1 is considered a national holiday on which an employee who works the day earns double the salary in proportion to the time worked, without prejudice to the employee to rest any other day of the week.

El Salvador: According to Article 190 of the Labor Code, January 1 is a compulsory paid holiday included in the basic salary without any obligation to work the day.

The employee who works this day is entitled to a payment equal to the regular salary plus a 100% surcharge. The calculation for overtime will be based on the overtime salary established for the holiday.

An employee of a company dedicated to public service or essential community work, as well as those devoted to fun and recreation, sale of necessities, hotels, restaurants, and work that for technical or practical reasons require continuity, may be required to attend work in the hours designated by the employer. In this case, the employee is paid extra remuneration for working during the day off.

Nicaragua: The current Labor Code establishes January 1 as a mandatory national holiday with the right to rest and salary; any work performed on this day is paid 100% more than the amount of the ordinary workday.

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