As of the entry into force of the new Public Procurement Law No. 9986 and its Regulations, all procedures related to public procurement must use the SICOP platform, including appeals to object to the solicitation and revocation or appeal against the awarding act.

Regarding appeals and objections before the Comptroller General of the Republic, the latter has ordered that, both for their presentation and for the responses to the hearings granted, the appellant must use the electronic SICOP form with files solely related to the evidence attached. If the SICOP form is not submitted, the objection will not be considered as filed and will remain unresolved; any appeal not using the SICOP form will be rejected outright as inadmissible.

SICOP has prepared manuals for each step in the process available on the SICOP platform by accessing the “SICOP Information” section, subsection “Information for Users,” paragraph “Manuals and Procedures for Users.”

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