On June 13, 2020, the Government of El Salvador, through the Minister of Health, issued Executive Decree 21 (“Health Protocols to Guarantee the Rights to Health and Life of Persons in the Gradual Reactivation Process of the Economy, during the pandemic by COVID-19, applicable to the western, central and eastern areas of the Republic of El Salvador “) through which the economic reopening of the country is organized in five phases from June 16, 2020 to August 21, 2020. The phases comprise the following sectors:

Phase 1 (June 16-July 6): Includes all the activities that were enabled during the emergency, food and beverage manufacturing industries, cleaning and hygiene products, textile and clothing industry, construction, metalworking industry, electronic manufacturing, spare parts and auto parts manufacturing, energy sector, repair and maintenance services, aviation industry (repatriation and humanitarian flights, cargo terminal), seaports, shopping centers (online or pick-up sales), home food delivery, business services online or over the phone, accounting, auditing and advocacy services, printing services, product services online or over the phone, appointment medical services, veterinary services, appointment beauty salons, cargo transportation, private personal transportation, public sector for trade and investment procedures, diplomatic corps, business associations and unions, teachers and administrative centers.

Phase 2 (July 7-July 21): Includes in adittion to Phase 1 sectors, plastic industry, paper and cardboard industry, shoe industry, cosmetic industry, other manufacturing industries, creative industries, professional services, business services, call centers, real estate, shopping centers (commercial activities without recreational purposes), restaurants and cafes, public transportation, outdoor activities, aviation schools.

Phase 3 (July 22-August 5): Adds retail and wholesale trade, informal sector activities, beauty salons without appointment, establishments for contactless sports and gyms, transit hub and passenger arrivals, shopping centers (commerce and services in general), churches and places of worship, private centers for daily care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Phase 4 (August 6-August 20): Reopen shows and public sporting events, aviation industry for passenger operations, domestic and international tourism, museums and exhibition halls, convention centers and reception rooms (at 50% capacity), cinemas and theaters (at 50% capacity), all business shopping centers, public sector.

Phase 5 (from August 21): All other activities.

All the measures described above must respect the sanitary and biosafety protocols of the Ministry of Health. The phases may change according to the development of the pandemic.