Digital nomads can now establish their “offices” at Costa Rica’s beaches, in the mountains, near volcanoes, or within a variety of ecosystems. The country recently signed a pioneering law of a singular kind to attract workers and remote service providers on an international scale.

With these new regulations, Costa Rica has instituted an ideal legal framework to attract digital nomads, providing greater legal security to the tourism sector and encouraging workers to reside in Costa Rica while working remotely.

Advantages of the new law:

  • Grants non-resident immigration status to the beneficiaries.
  • Any foreign person, with an income greater than $ 3,000 per month, may stay for up to one year in Costa Rica with a visa that can be extended for an additional year.
  • Those traveling with family members must show an income of at least $ 5,000.
  • The importation of a basic personal computer, information technology, telecommunications gear, or similar equipment necessary to carry out duties or provide services, will be exempt from customs duties.
  • A driver’s license granted and valid in the beneficiary’s country of origin will be valid for driving in Costa Rica.

This ground-breaking enactment is aimed at guaranteeing employment while enjoying Costa Rica’s natural resources, encouraging investment in the country, furthering the professional development of those who qualify, and aiding economic reactivation by exploiting the geographical and climate appeal the Costa Rican tourism sector offers in abundance.

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