UNDP offers national or international companies opportunities for competitive procurement of a technical analysis of the Motagua River and, in addition, an analysis of the classification system of the Judicial Branch. The first seeks to identify and address the water contamination of one of the country’s most important rivers. The second one pursues a system of classification of positions and salaries in that power of the State.

The first event, entitled Cross-Border Diagnostic Analysis -ADT- Motagua (UNDP-GTM-00031), seeks to analyze the Motagua River basin comprehensively and will (1) focus on identifying, analyzing, classifying, and prioritizing the causes of water pollution and other environmental problems and their socioeconomic and legal consequences; and (2) suggest the best practices that improve waste management and reduce pollutants.

The second event, the Judicial Branch Position and Salary Classification System (UNDP-GTM-00035), involves developing a position and salary classification system. The duration of the contract is 15 months, and its objective is to support the development of said system.

Any company interested in participating in these events must register as a provider in the computer system enabled by UNDP.