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BLP is recognized for its experience in national and international corporate transactions. This recognition comes from the Firm’s and broad background in in mergers, acquisitions, and due diligence legal services.

BLP has characterized to be client oriented protecting the client’s interests while accomplishing the closing of the business. By providing a multidisciplinary approach, BLP involves in due time the specialists in the different areas of the client’s business, achieving successful outcomes on behalf of the party we represent.

In this area, BLP has successfully represented private companies, funds, shareholders, creditors and investors.


BLP advises its clients in the different phases of the transactions, according to their own needs:

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Assets sale and purchases
  • Goodwill sales
  • Business divestment
  • Recovery and Corporate Restructuring
  • Foreign Investment
  • Planning and general corporate legal advice.
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Securities transfer
  • Corporate spinoffs
  • Corporate Reorganizations

Capabilities of our practice

$1 billion

We have participated in Mergers & Acquisitions transactions for over $1 billion in the past year. 

Innovative approach

We simplify legal processes through our innovative approach. 

+800 companies 

We have helped +800 companies in many industries conduct their operations in the region.  

+100 jurisdictions

We understand the nature of multiculturalism with clients in over +100 jurisdictions.

Coordination of joint work

Our coordination of joint work with top international law firms and legal teams around the world has garnered praise from peers, as well as our clients.

Highly specialized team

Our highly specialized and multidisciplinary Mergers & Acquisitions team has advised the largest multinational corporations in M&A and business restructuring deals.

Latest news

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