As the years go by, I realize that my behavior has become more selective. My decisions, even on topics that seem inconsequential or daily, are now more thoughtful, reasoned, reflective, and even more elaborate. For example, watching television is something I no longer do, having concluded that it was a waste of time.

On one occasion I asked myself if reasoned decision-making was due to physical aging, or whether in the maturation process as a human being, I had managed to find a decisive balance that I had not developed before or maybe it would be a feeling related to thoughts about the termination of life (short, medium or long term.)

At some point in my life, I decided to invest more time in situations, and with people who did not cause me to lose that little time that is life. Now, I am a seeker of moments, of images, of sounds. The only element or common factor that I look for is that those instants, details, situations, etc. add to my existence in a positive way, and in turn, can impact others in the same way. Part of my time, I dedicate to navigating with a sense of direction the course of social networks and websites in general.

When I mention the phrase “with direction”, I do so on purpose, since I am convinced that many of the courses we navigate on the Internet are without fixed direction, without determined objectives, without any gain, with an absolute loss of time, and without realizing that a sense of purpose is so valuable for life.

What do I look for on the internet and on social networks? What catches my attention?

The answer is simple: I look for details, moments, and above all natural reactions of human beings to life’s situations. Within that search, I found a series of photos of ordinary people who had taken a “before” picture and then were asked to smile. The difference caught my attention, not only the change of expression, and the powerful messages that the simple act of smiling in human beings has, but the impact on my own life, when receiving a fresh dose of one of the reactions that most identifies us as human beings.

Many times, we question ourselves on the best way to impact a person positively. We elaborate speeches and strategies and even practice what we would do and say if the person were in front of us. We forget that we have a powerful tool that is easy to use and has a strong impact, a tool that we do not use at the proper moment and in the right way and that is to smile. Our natural ability to smile requires development and use. When the time is right, take the opportunity to impact someone with your smile. By smiling, you are collaborating with that human being, and with his circle of influence. You also contribute to your own personal satisfaction, sharing in shaping a better life for all. Amid the junk that social networks have, among all their false, negative and destructive information, there are details that, selectively, add to us as human beings.

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Randall González
Labor & Employment