At BLP we are proud to quote one of our clients that “Successful businesses cannot exist in failed societies”. We recognize that our success depends on keeping the societies in which we work functioning and robust.  As a vital part of our mission, we seek to safeguard our environment and exercise leadership within the business and geographical sectors we serve.

The BLP Foundation was created in 2008 to promote and coordinate the implementation of the firm’s pro bono ideals. We were the first firm in the region to sign the Vance Center Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas for the American Continent, with the commitment that each lawyer in the firm will donate at least 20 hours of legal service per year.

In 2017, BLP established a sustainability strategy that articulates our efforts to contribute to the human and social development of the communities in which our law firm works, using the 2030 Agenda as a guide for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations.

Our starting point was the belief that a group of lawyers should make an impact on the access to justice, the prevention of corruption, and the strengthening of various public institutions.   We are convinced that as attorneys, we must be promoting agents for social responsibility in companies, institutions, academies, etc.

We have prioritized the development of actions to promote and support initiatives that affect the quality of life of social sectors whose vulnerable situation limits the ability to enforce their rights.

The sustainability strategy developed by BLP is based on support projects aimed to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations General Assembly.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on the following:

  1. Pro bono work of all our lawyers: Each BLP attorney is pledged to donate at least 20 hours annually to providing legal advice to non-governmental agencies and social projects that address issues such as entrepreneurship, children and adolescent rights, education, social and employment integration of people with disabilities, gender equity and equality and community welfare.
  1. Environmental management:  BLP is the first law firm to obtain Carbon Neutral and Blue Flag certifications by pioneering a variety of actions to mitigate potential ecological damage.
  1. Internal social responsibility: BLP sponsors the well-being of our employees with specific policies and measures that encourage professional development and pursuit of life goals.
  1. Gender equity: BLP takes pride in the legal talent and dedication the woman at the firm, including partners, associates and legal assistants whose work is cited with salary raises and promotions on an equal basis with the men on the staff. We also support programs, actions, and policies that locate and correct any inadvertent gender gaps.  One such project, Inspiring Girls Costa Rica and Honduras was founded to encourage future generations of women to seek to fulfill their professional dreams.
  1. Job placement of people with disabilities: We implement actions for the promotion and hiring of staff with disabilities, as well as actions to incentivize their hiring in other companies and institutions.
  1. Diversity in our work environment: Our policies and programs prevent discrimination against LGTBI people in the firm’s work environment.
  1. Volunteer actions: By voluntary participation in activities that protect the local environment, we bring the UN’s lofty Sustainable Development Goals to the real world of families and communities.