On March 11, 2022 the Law for the Simplification of Procedures for Non-Profit
Corporations, Nº 10160 of March 11, 2022, was published, whereby article 2 of the Income Tax Law was amended, in such a way that inactive companies must:

  • Submit annually to the Tax Authorities, all variations in their assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • In the event that this information does not vary, the declaration shall be deemed submitted by simply confirming the content of the existing declaration.

In addition, the filing of the declaration of inactive companies for the current period has been extended for three months, so the new deadline for submission will expire on June 11th.

On the other hand, non-domiciled entities with a company identification number (cédula jurídica) beginning with 3- 012, that do not perform business activities within the country, may request the National Registry to delete the corporate identification number issued to them; consequently, exempting them from the obligation of filing the aforementioned declaration.