The Foundation for the Development of Guatemala -FUNDESA (for its acronym in Spanish)- has promoted measures for economic reactivation in times of crisis, through public investment projects on a priority basis. One of these projects consists of reducing the gap in road infrastructure, and to this end, it has promoted the Bill 5431, which contains a draft of the General Law on Road Infrastructure.

The Bill promotes the implementation of a new development system for this type of infrastructure, based on five fundamental areas:

  1. Creation of the Superintendence of Road Infrastructure.
  2. Procedure for the declaration of public utility and acquisition of the right of way.
  3. Creation of the figure of the programmer, as responsible for the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the road.
  4. Guarantee of legal certainty through the Road Infrastructure Agreement.
  5. Prioritization of public funds, enabling various sources of financing.

Now, the bill is been discussed in the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala, it has a favorable opinion and has successfully passed the first debate.

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