In a second (final) debate on April 21, the authentic interpretation of the Law To Attract Remote Workers And Providers Of International Services was approved, stipulating that the immigration benefit to be granted for one year means that applicants will be able to request and obtain a visa for a period of less than one year.

Furthermore, article 11 bis is added providing that the requirements for applicants or beneficiaries and their families will only be those that are required of tourists, enabling the administration to apply to the current requirements Law 8220, Protection to the Citizen of the Excess of Requirements and Administrative Procedures, of March 4, 2002.

This ground-breaking enactment is designed to enable an applicant to work while enjoying Costa Rica’s natural resources, encouraging investment in the country, furthering the professional development of those who qualify, and aiding economic reactivation by exploiting the geographical and climate appeal that the Costa Rican tourism sector offers in abundance.