On Friday, December 25, Central America observes the feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ, which entails the enjoyment of a holiday regulated in the region as follows:

Guatemala: The holiday is a mandatory pay date,  applicable to 12 hours on December 24 and all day on December 25. An employee who works from noon on December 24 or any time on December 25 is entitled to time and a half pay, as stipulated in the Labor Code, articles 127, 128, and 129.

Honduras: According to article 339 of the Labor Code, an employee who works on December 25 must be paid double-time.

El Salvador: The feast day is considered an obligatory paid holiday throughout the country according to article 190 of the Salvadoran Labor Code. If an employee works the day, he is entitled to an extraordinary salary equal to the ordinary daily salary plus a one hundred percent bonus.

For an employee who works overtime, the additional hours will be paid based on the extraordinary salary established for the holiday.

Employees of companies dedicated to public service or those essential to the community, as well as those dedicated to fun and recreation, sale of necessities, hotels, restaurants, and work that for technical or practical reasons requires continuity, are required to work the day of rest in the number designated by the employer. In this case, the employees will maintain their right to extraordinary remuneration for work done during the holiday.

Nicaragua: The Nativity of Jesus Christ is contemplated as a holiday according to article 66 of the Labor Code. An employee who works the day must be paid double-time.

Costa Rica: According to article 148 of the Labor Code, an employee who works the feast day of the nativity must be paid double-time.

In the region: December 25 is a holiday of mandatory payment; every employer is obligated to pay a regular salary, even if the day is not worked, as in the case of weekly, biweekly, or monthly salaries.


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