The Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security issued Agreement 1520 on August 4, in which it modifies the Regulation on the Collection of Contributions to the Social Security Regime, including the regulation of contributions in part-time work.

Within the Agreement, the bases on which the quotas applicable to part-time work must be calculated are added, including the minimum amount as the basis for calculating the monthly contribution.

The regulation will enter into force on September 29, 2022 and applies to all currently valid part-time employment relationships.

According to the Agreement, to arrive at the salary base on which the quotas are calculated, the minimum salary set in each case (daily, weekly or monthly) must be taken and multiplied by a specific factor, for example:

Minimum wage Expansion factor Base salary
Monthly 2,959.24 1.0000 2,959.24
Daily 97.28 30.4167 2,958.94
Hourly 12.16 243.3333 2,958.93