Under Costa Rican law, any property used for housing on a regular, occasional, or recreational basis, including fixed and permanent facilities, valued at more than ¢137.000.000,00 is subject to the Solidarity Tax For the Strengthening of Housing Programs (Luxury Home Tax) which must be paid by January 15, 2022.

For the fiscal year 2022, the graduated valuations on which this tax applies were established by Executive Decree No. 42764-H*, as follows:

Valuation Amount Percentage applicable
Over ¢137.000.000,00 and up to ¢335.000.000,00 (approx. US$ 214.105.99 and up to US$ 523.543.84) 0.25%
Over ¢335.000.000,00 and up to ¢672.000.000,00 (approx. US$ 523.543.84 and up to US$ US$ 0.30%
Over ¢672.000.000,00 and up to ¢,00 (approx. US$ and up to US$ 1.575.319.99) 0.35%

Over ¢,00 and up to ¢1.345.000.000,00 (approx. US$ 1.575.319.99 and up to US$ 2.101.989.47)

Over ¢1.345.000.000,00 and up to ¢1.679.000.000,00 (approx. US$ 2.101.989.47 and up to US$ 2.623.970.49) 0.45%

Over ¢1.679.000.000,00 and up to ¢,00 (approx. US$ 2.623.970.49 and up to US$

Over ¢,00 (approx. US$ 0.55%

* (Executive Decree No. 42764-H, published on Digital Scope No. 334 of La Gaceta 298, on December 22, 2020).
**Exchange rate date: 1/7/2022 =¢639.897 x 1US$D

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