On July 25th, 1824, the people of the Party of Nicoya, a territory known today as Guanacaste, decided to join the Province of Costa Rica. Given the relevance of this historical event, this date was established as a mandatory pay holiday.

Therefore, for employers who have a weekly payment modality (non-commercial activity), in which only the days actually worked are remunerated to the employees, the employer will have the obligation to add the payment of this day in a single way, only if it is not worked.

When the employers have a biweekly or monthly payment method, if the employees do not work on that date, they will only be paid in a single manner (already included in the monthly salary).

In both cases, if the employees work on holidays, the employer must make the corresponding payment adjustment so that the employee receives the double payment for that specific day.

The foregoing is established by article 148 of the Labor Code.