By resolution DGT-R-38-2020, the General Directorate of Taxation determined that inactive entities registered before the Tax Administration under the economic activity code 960113, “legal entities constituted in the country that do not develop economic activity from a Costa Rican source”, must file an Income Tax Return using form D-101. The information to be submitted must include assets, liabilities, and social capital.

This form should be presented within two months and fifteen calendar days following the end of the fiscal year; for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020, the end date for presentation would be March 15, 2021.

At Resolve by BLP, we have professionals who can help you with the filing of Form D-101 for the Income Tax Return and Form D-140 for the registration before the Single Tax Register to comply with requirements of the Tax Administration of the Ministry of Treasury.

(Resolution DGT-R-38-2020. Published in La Gaceta No.269, November 10, 2020)