On December 1, Costa Rica marks the Abolition of the National Army. However, law 9875 requires that from 2020 to 2024, holidays transfer to Mondays to promote internal visits and tourism. This year the holiday is celebrated on December 5.

This date is a non-compulsory pay holiday. An employer with a weekly payment method (non-commercial activity) may give an employee the day off without paying for the day not worked; however, an employer that makes the employee work on the holiday must pay for the day as usual.

An employer with a biweekly or monthly payment method does not have to pay an employee that does not work the holiday since the date is in the monthly salary. However, an employer must pay an employee who works the holiday an additional day’s pay (double-time) for that date.

The preceding is in article 148 of the Labor Law Code of Costa Rica.