Approval of the extension of the period authorizing the reduction of working hours for the Tourism Sector, due to the Declaration of National Emergency.

On May 21, 2021, Law 9982 went into effect allowing employers in the Tourism Sector who demonstrate that they are still economically affected by the pandemic to request the reduction of employee working hours for up to 4 extensions of three months each.

The Law specifically establishes that the following employers may seek such extensions: 1) Hotels. 2) Non-traditional hosting companies. 3) Receptive tour operators. 4) Agencies selling receptive tours. 5) Travel agencies or tour issuers. 6) Tourist transport. 7) Car rental companies. 8) Tourist guide companies. 9) Adventure companies. 10) Craft sales. 11) Spas. 12) Casinos. 13) Stores within international airports. 14) Local or international airlines. 15) Nautical transport. 16) Sportfishing boats. 17) Marinas and tourist berths. 18) Bars. 19) Restaurants. 20) Artistic, cultural and entertainment activities. 21) Regular route public transport services.

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