Amigos of Costa Rica is honored to share the election of David Gutiérrez as President of the Board of Directors of Amigos of Costa Rica. Mr. Gutiérrez is a founding Partner of BLP, a Central American law firm, currently leading its offices in Madrid, Spain. He has a long track record of service for Costa Rica, supporting both business and civil society. Mr. Gutiérrez is assuming this role as Muni Figueres steps down after more than six years of distinguished service.

David Gutiérrez
Partner | Costa Rica

During the last 5 years, Amigos of Costa Rica has increased the amount of funds received for NGOs in Costa Rica by more than 12x, reaching over $5 million in 2021. This growth was achieved thanks to the ongoing support of the CRUSA Foundation, support from new funders including the Troper Wojcicki Foundation, very active and committed board members, and the leadership of Executive Director Emily Arnold.

As David Gutierrez begins his term as President, Amigos of Costa Rica is poised to continue to expand opportunities for people around the world to support fantastic nonprofit initiatives around Costa Rica.

With increased investments in internal capacity, Amigos of Costa Rica has its sights set on increasing the funding flowing into Costa Rica, providing donors with more information on Costa Rica’s premier nonprofits, and on continuing to support Costa Rican nonprofits as they reach out to international donors.

“I believe that we can grow and strengthen Amigos of Costa Rica, and in doing so we can catalyze an increased support for nonprofit organizations around Costa Rica. The Costa Rica brand is trending all over the world, and Amigos of Costa Rica provides an excellent platform for individuals and companies around the world to help Costa Rican communities thrive. We are building an engine for change, and we invite you to be a part of it.”

About Amigos Of Costa Rica

Amigos of Costa Rica is a nonprofit organization based in the United States. Amigos of Costa Rica provides international donors with easy ways to donate to over 100 vetted nonprofits around Costa Rica. Donors seeking information on how to support causes are guided to organizations that meet their criterion. Amigos of Costa Rica also supports Costa Rican nonprofits helping them gain the skills and understanding to navigate international philanthropy.

As the only platform of its kind focused solely on Costa Rica, Amigos of Costa Rica is the expert in philanthropy in Costa Rica. Amigos has deep roots in communities around Costa Rica, providing donors from around the world with an opportunity to engage with local leaders.

Programmatic growth has out-paced organizational growth, inspiring an Amigos of Costa Rica donor to propose a $50,000 matching grant for 2022. This additional support will allow Amigos of Costa Rica to continue to grow to meet the increasing needs of its constituents.