Due to the cyber-attacks reported by the Ministry of Finance on April 18, 2022, which are affecting the Ministry’s computer systems, including the TICA System, and which affect the normal development of the procedures established for the entry, transit, export, and nationalization of goods, Costa Rica´s Directorate General of Customs has issued a series of communiqués with the contingency measures to be applied by customs officials as well as by the Auxiliaries of the Customs Public Function to operate during the period in which the TICA System is not in operation.

Official documents DGA-010-2022, DGA-013-2022, and DGA-014-2022 regulate the procedures to be followed for the entry of goods into the country, mobilization from the Port to the Customs Warehouses, unloading in Customs Warehouses, exports, definitive imports, transits, VEHITUR, and all types of movements of companies under the Free Trade Zone Regime.

Strongly advised is that the parties involved keep all the documentation of the procedures followed during the contingency for backup purposes and to avoid future non-compliance.