In Costa Rica, some significant changes were recently made to the current law on labor and sexual harassment in employment and teaching.  These changes seek to improve the effectiveness of the investigation process when it comes to notifying the opening of processes. The following provisions are the main adjustments to this Law:

  • The workplace must provide a work email address for each employee that can serve as an official means of receiving notifications related to the opening of the investigation process.
  • The means established in Law 8687 of Judicial Notifications can be used to notify workers; or if the company cannot provide an email address, the worker may be asked to provide a personal one.

These significant changes help the fight against unwelcome workplace conduct and sexual harassment, as the implementation of the email address as an official means of notification, in addition to streamlining the process, also ensures that all parties involved can receive notification in an efficient and timely manner, thus, assuring a safer work environment.

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