With the outstanding involvement of four of our lawyers, BLP actively participated in the XIV Ibero-American Regulation Congress held in Medellín, Colombia on November 13-15. Our delegation was made up of partner Luis Ortiz, and attorneys Julio CastellanosFrancisco Obando, and Daniel Rodríguez, all of whom are specialists in Public Law, Public Procurement & Regulation, Banking & Finance, and Energy & Infrastructure.

The XIV ASIER Congress brought together from America and Europe recognized legal experts in the field of economic regulation, addressing the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective that allows the identification of common experiences in the countries under study and the responses of the Governments, institutions, companies, citizens and academia for the efficient management of contemporary challenges related to the regulation of technologies, energy, public services, financial activity, infrastructure, transport, disruptive technologies, Fintech, collaborative economics and much more.

The presentation by Luis Ortiz addressed the “Regulation of services provided through digital platforms, an Enigma,” in which he referred to the disruptive technologies and collaborative economies that proliferate in our era, pointing out and proposing regulatory schemes that could or could not apply to such new platforms.

In his appearance before the ASIER forum, Julio Castellanos presented on the “Issuance of green bonds as a mechanism for financing infrastructure projects”, addressing the scope and benefits of a novel approach to financing works through the application of pro-sustainability and environmental tools.

Using his own country as an example, Francisco Obando focused an infrastructure lecture on “The imperative and urgent obligation of regulatory improvement to promote Private Initiative Projects”, doing a historical review of poor results in Costa Rica, by performing a fault-finding procedure in this regard and posing options for improvement.

Finally, Daniel Rodríguez presented on “The new global regulation: The case of the Basel Committee”, whose relevance is summarized, in an era like the current one, under the maxim “global solutions to global problems,” seeking, for the above case, an improvement in regulation, supervision and banking practices worldwide in order to strengthen financial stability.

The Congress concluded on November 15, rated by ASIER and all its participants as a resounding success.