Delays in granting benefits

Article 5 of Executive Decree number 40540-H, called “Fiscal Contingency” was amended, authorizing a delay for granting the declarations of public interest, sports activity, or cultural interest, for activities or legal entities, by the different government entities that have the authority to grant it. The declaration of sports activities, for sport delegations that represent the country, is exempt from the reach of this delay.

(Published in the Digital Appendix No. 12 on January 23, 2018)



Withholding of 2% on the sale of services to insurance companies

By means of resolution No. DGT-R-55-2017 of December 11, 2017, the Tax Administration established that insurance companies must make a 2% withholding for the entire amount they pay, credit, or in any way make available to individuals or legal entities that sell their services, either by direct contracting with the insurance company or through the insured clients that require technical or professional services paid by the insurance company. These withholdings must be made at moment the payments are made.

(Resolution No. DGT-R-55-2017 published in the Digital Appendix No. 5 on January 12, 2018)



Date Type of Tax Return
12 – D-150 Annual Return: Summary of payments or withholdings made on account of the Income Tax. – D-155 Monthly statement of summary of withholdings payment on account Sales Tax and Income Tax
14 – D-113 Income Tax and Capital Gains from investment funds – D-113 Income Tax and Capital Gains from investment funds
15 – D-103: Withholding Tax – D-104: General Sales Tax, traditional regime. – D-106 Excise Taxes. – D-107: Casinos Tax. – D-114: Single tax per fuel type. – D-117: Specific tax on alcoholic beverages – D-171: Specific tax on non-alcoholic bottled beverages and toilet soaps. – Tax on Tobacco products
28 – D-140 Form for registration and update of legal persons data, whose certificate ends in 1 and 2, according to the Regulations to the Law on Taxation of Legal Entities.


Current 2018 Base Salary ¢431.000
Current Interest Rate (October 1,2017) 12.80%
Reference Exchange Rate – BCCR USD

(January 31, 2018)

Purchase: ¢566.40
Sale: ¢572.27
Autor: BLP.