Latin Lawyer and the Cyrus R. Vance Center once again recognize BLP as a Pro Bono Leading Light. This recognition highlights the commitment to the pro bono work of our lawyers while celebrating the notable contribution of Sustainability by BLP to strengthening the pro bono culture in Latin America. 

Several factors play a role in making the Leading Light list. These include the firms’ responses to the survey regarding the institutionalization of the practice, the work performed, and examples of their recent pro bono cases. Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center also consider the development of the firms’ pro bono practices, and whether they participated in previous surveys, as well as additional research. The list includes giants from the regional legal community that bring significant resources and small firms whose personal dedication can make a significant difference. 

At BLP we are proud of the famous phrase of one of our clients: “Successful companies cannot exist in failed societies”. BLP recognizes that its success has been possible due to the opportunities offered by its environment and is interested in demonstrating its responsibility with the companies and sectors with which it is related. 

In 2008, the BLP Foundation was created with the aim of promoting and coordinating the performance of the Pro Bono work of all collaborators. We were the first firm in the region to sign the Declaration of the Americas for the American Continent of the Vance Center, committing ourselves that all the lawyers in the firm will donate at least 20 hours of legal services annually. 

Since 2017, BLP has established a sustainability strategy that articulates all its efforts aimed at contributing to the human and social development of the communities in which our business operates, guided by the 2030 Agenda for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations. 

We start from the fact that our line of business has an impact on access to justice, on the prevention of corruption and on the strengthening of various public institutions. We are convinced that as lawyers we can be promoters of social co-responsibility in companies, institutions, academies, etc. 

We have prioritized the development of actions to promote and support initiatives that affect the quality of life and the enjoyment of the rights of social sectors that may be in a situation of vulnerability. 

The sustainability strategy developed by BLP is based on achieving projects oriented to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations General Assembly. Planning was structured based on the implementation of internal policies, volunteer activities and Pro Bono projects, to contribute to the various goals set.