Costa Rica´s General Directorate of Customs authorized the beneficiaries of the tourist category temporary importation regime to extend their temporary import certificates for the authorized period of their immigration status established by the General Directorate of Immigration and Foreigners (Guideline DGA-005-2020 of March 24th, 2020)


The extension will apply to land, air or water vehicles, in relation to people who entered the country after December 17, 2019 until May 17, 2020 or any new term that the immigration authorities determine in the future.


The certificate holder or authorized drivers may, before the expiration of the term granted for temporary importation, request an extension to the nearest Customs for reasons of force majeure.

Post Control:

Once the national emergency is over, the Risk Management Directorate, the Inspection Directorate of the General Directorate of Customs and Customs, can make a subsequent review and proceed with the respective verification.

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