On Tuesday, April 11, we celebrate 167 years since the hero Juan Santamaría burned the “Mesón de Guerra,” an act that enabled Costa Rican forces to defeat the North American filibusters at the Battle of Rivas; and, given its relevance to the country, established the date as a mandatory payment holiday.

Under Law No. 9875, which decreed the movement of holiday celebrations to the nearest Monday to promote internal travel and tourism in the years 2020 to 2024, the enjoyment of this holiday is now on April 10.

An employer with a weekly payment method must pay only the days effectively worked. However, it must pay April 10 as a single payment, even if the employees do not work.

An employer with a fortnightly or monthly payment method must pay employees who do not work on April 10 a single payment (already included in the ordinary salary).

In either case, if the employer requests that its employees work on April 10, it must add a payment to pay double on the day.

The above rules are as stipulated in the Labor Code Article 148.