In a world of digital transformation, where those virtuous for writing and speaking in the field of legal services begin to be obsolete, Honduras is no exception, just a couple of years before half the planet has 5g internet, Lawyers must interpret the spirit of the law, so that the implementation of technology in labor relations does not diminish, distort or restrict the constitutional guarantees and labor rights established in our regulations, since although it is true, our legislation is very Formal and literal, that does not mean that we lawyers have to put obstacles to our clients to adapt to new technological trends.

Our country advances in the conduct of hearings and trials, using electronic means and digital platforms. Implementation of technology in labor relations contributes to reducing the rates of violence in the country as well as of traffic accidents, since now It will be so necessary to travel to go to work and also to carry out acts that normally should be done personally. An example of this is that currently in Honduras, courts and public institutions are allowing the submission of petitions and requests through email, which is never the case. Before it had been seen in our country, that causes greater transparency in the activity of the public official since emails always leave permanent support on the network.

The civil procedure code in force in Honduras has application in labor matters, which allows that as means of evidence in trials, technical means of reproducing sounds, videos, images and texts can be presented, opening doors for all business activities in the Work environment can be done through digital platforms, this means that in the event of a legal conflict, the company’s lawyer will be able to present all his digital files and effectively exercise technical defense. The implementation of technology in the field of human resources improves the effectiveness of both managers and employees, since it allows for greater transparency, better evaluation of results, better decision-making regarding sanctions, dismissals and application of internal work regulations. By the way I dictated verbally this article to my computer.

Autor: William Discua – Paralegal