BLP was founded in Costa Rica in 2003 by a team of lawyers who shared the same vision of law practice, convinced that legal advisors should become true business allies of their clients by combining high-quality legal service with sound business advice.

Hence our name: Business Law Partners.

The firm has remained loyal to its professional vision, providing our clients with a comprehensive, personalized, innovative legal service with lawyers specialized in over twenty different practice areas. Our global vision recognizes the importance of the local business culture in developing strategic solutions.

Crossing borders

Due to the growing economic and social development in Central America, in 2014 BLP decided to regionalize by opening offices in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, spreading our presence throughout the region, providing services to our clients through a single contact network.

BLP’s roster of +150 lawyers in Central America and Spain includes honors graduates from the most prestigious universities in the world. Our combined expertise has allowed us to advise on the most complex transactions seen in Central America, contributing our business ideas and sustainability ideals to the economic and social development of the region.

BLP has been recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in Latin, as well as Central America, as demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients and the numerous citations of quality by the most prestigious international legal directories.

BLP links Central America with Europe

Seeking a broader presence in the international market, BLP expands its borders to the European continent by opening a representation office in Madrid, Spain, with the aim of attracting business opportunities between Central America and Europe.

As a result of the EU-Central America Association Agreement, commercial relations between the regions have increased in recent years. Moreover, the Spanish market is a leader in key areas for Central America such as tourism, hospitality, agro-industry, and renewable energy, among others.

Network of contacts around the world

BLP continues to develop an extensive network of contacts with leading law firms around the globe. Through our active participation in exclusive legal networks such as the  World Service Group, Meritas, State Capital, Interlaw, GALA, ELA,  Insuralex, Interlex, the Firm shares in a collective awareness of the latest and best legal practices worldwide.

Our commitment to Sustainability

We are convinced that as lawyers we can help to promote social co-responsibility in companies, institutions, academies, and other local and international advocacy entities.

At BLP we firmly believe that successful companies cannot exist in failed societies. Since 2008, we have articulated a Sustainability strategy designed to realize our commitment to developing a program of active and responsible participation in the solution of regional social problems.

Our contribution to the economic, human and social development of Central America is designed to prevent environmental deterioration and promote social justice, equity, and cultural diversity in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our Sustainability efforts have enabled us to become a leader in gender equity: 50% of our lawyers are women. Furthermore, our proactive corporate culture has earned us distinctions such as the Carbon Neutral Country Seal for five consecutive years and the Ecological Blue Flag for six years, making us the only law firm to obtain these recognitions in Central America.

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