Certification Neutral Carbon and Ecological Blue Flag awarded by the Government of Costa Rica

BLP is the only law firm in Central America that has the Carbon Neutrality and Ecological Blue Flag certifications. Both certifications recognize the efforts and ecological actions of BLP for the construction of a prosperous and sustainable future to mitigate climate change.

The Firm conducts activities with environmental impact, both internally and externally. Our internal activities include:

  • Constant training on good environmental practices, such as energy-saving, water management, and waste management.
  • Classification of waste, reuse of paper, and recycling.
  • Adoption of measures to obtain environmental certifications: remodeling based on the use of natural light, changes in the vehicle fleet, increase in the variety and eco-friendliness of cleaning products, and the use of other environmentally safe products.

Externally, BLP sponsors:

  • Various volunteer efforts, such as the cleaning of beaches and rivers, and reforestation
  • Support through pro bono legal services to NGOs that engage in the environmental preservation of the region.

Agua Tica

Agua Tica is the first water fund in Central America. Constituted as a public-private partnership for the conceptualization, realization, and promotion of activities aimed at protecting and increasing the capacity for sustainable management of water resources to ensure the quantity and quality of water for human consumption of the Great Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica. With the support of a technical team, we develop actions focused on the regulation of the water system to mitigate climate change but more importantly, to ensure access to clean water for the entire population.

Some organizations benefited by our Pro Bono work

Sustainable Development Goals to which we contribute