Job placement for people with disabilities

BLP has adapted its organizational culturetothe inclusion of people with disabilities within itsworkforce.Through the efforts of our sister foundation Yo Puedo y ¿Vos?(I Can, and You?),we promote laborand educational integration of disabled persons, having assisted more than 215 people in enteringthe regional labor market.

Decent, dignified work and discrimination prevention

BLP has established internal policies to protect and fulfill the right to work of both female andmale employees. One of the fundamental principles of the BLP’s work environment is non-discrimination against any staff member or another employee for any reason, defining specificactions both to encourage a diverse team and to promote the participation of women in all areasof BLP’s work. We also maintain commissions to analyze the labor integration of people withdisabilities and the LGTBI population.

Gender Equality

At BLP we believe that the female workforce is an essential part of the firm’s success. Through theGender Equality Commission, made up of Partners, lawyers,andadministrative directors of thefirm, we have developed policies and actions to promote the recruitment and retention of femaletalent in the region. The results of our efforts are:

  • ZERO wage gaps between men and women
  • 50% of our lawyers are women
  • 50% ofour administrative managers are women

Some organizations benefited by our Pro Bono work

Sustainable Development Goals to which we contribute