We believe the direction of our legal practice fosters access to justice, prevention of corruption, and strengthening of various public institutions. As lawyers, we can be agents promoting social co-responsibility in companies, institutions, and academia, among others.

BLP’s lawyers have management positions in the main chambers, organizations, and think tanks in the region, enabling us to influence the formation of public policies, law reforms, social movements, and integral proposals of development elaborated by these institutions. Since many of BLP’s lawyers are distinguished academics at the main universities of the region, the firm helps contribute to the development of education in the communities where our business operates.


Some organizations of which we are part:

  • Chamber of Banks and Financial Institutions of Costa Rica
  • CRUSA Foundation
  • Association of Companies for Development (AED)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Costa Rican Bar Association

Sustainable Development Goals to which we contribute