BLP Privacy Policy

BLP Legal also referred to as BLP Abogados or BLP, thanks you for visiting our website, as well as your interest in our company and our services.

  1. BLP respects your privacy
    • 1.1 The protection of your privacy in the processing of personal data, as well as the security of all commercial data, is an important issue that we prioritize in business procedures. We treat the personal data collected from your visit to our website confidentially and within legal parameters.
    • 1.2 Data protection and information security are part of our corporate policy.
    • 1.3 When we request your consent regarding the individual use of data, we refer to the corresponding texts in which the declaration of your consent authorized with BLP is applied.
  2. Collection and processing of personal data
    • 2.1 Personal data is specific information about the personal or material relationships of an identified or identifiable natural or legal person, such as, for example, name, address, telephone number, email address, photos, or any other information. about an identified or identifiable person.
    • 2.2 We collect, process, and use personal data (including IP addresses) only when there is a legal basis, or we are authorized to do so by a declaration of consent by the party involved.
  3. Assignment
    • BLP, a company in the field of legal services, uses your personal data only to the extent necessary for administrative purposes of the website, to improve the user experience and facilitate the use of the website. Such data is also used for our firm’s marketing purposes as well as to send you information that could be of interest.
  4. Use of cookies
    • 4.1 General
    • Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. These files can be traced if your terminal has already communicated with our website. Reading cookies allows us to personalize our web pages for you and make it easier for you to use them.
    • 4.2 BLP cookies.
    • BLP uses cookies and active components (for example, JavaScript) to track visitor preferences and thus be able to design web pages optimally.
    • 4.3 Cookies from third-party providers.
    • Content and services from other providers (eg YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) have been integrated into the BLP website, which, in turn, may use cookies and active components. BLP does not influence the processing of personal data through these providers.
    • 4.4 Deactivation and elimination of cookies.
    • When you visit our web pages you are asked, in a cookie pop-up box, if you want to allow the cookies that appear on our web page or disable them in the settings.
    • If you choose not to allow cookies, an opt-out cookie will appear in your browser. This cookie only serves to classify your decision. However, disabling cookies may cause some functions of our web pages no longer to be available. Please note that for technical reasons an opt-out cookie can only be used in the browser from which it was set. If you delete cookies from or use another browser or terminal to contact us, you must set the opt-out cookie again.
    • On the other hand, the configuration option does not cover cookies created by other providers when you visit third-party web pages.
    • However, through your browser, you can always delete all cookies. To do this, check the Help functions of your browser. Taking such action can also cause some features to become unavailable.
  5. Use of redirection tools
    • 5.1 To optimize our online marketing we use retargeting technologies. To do this, the Internet offer must be designed in a particular way and adapted to your needs.
    • 5.2 Through the use of cookies, in which your interest in our services is registered, and based on the analysis of your usage habits, we can offer you personalized advertising based on your interest in the web pages of our redirection partners such as Google AdWords. However, this is done anonymously, so you cannot be identified through the redirect.
    • 5.3 If you do not want BLP and its redirection partner to use redirection cookies, please proceed as directed under section 4.4.
  6. Use of conversion tracking
    • 6.1 To make our online offer as attractive as possible to our users, we use so-called conversion tracking. 
    • 6.2 Through this analysis service, our conversion tracking partners such as Google AdWords place a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”) if you access it via the partner’s tag on our website. These cookies cease to have an effect after 30 days. If you visit our website and the cookie has not yet expired, we can, like our conversion tracking partner, recognize that someone has clicked on the screen and you have been directed to our page. Cookies cannot be traced through our website. The information collected from the conversion cookies is used to compile conversion statistics and to learn the total number of users who have clicked on the corresponding screen and have been referred to a page provided with a conversion tracking tag. 
    • However, such statistics are compiled anonymously; no one can be identified through conversion tracking. 
    • 6.3 If you do not want BLP and its conversion tracking partner to use conversion tracking cookies, please proceed as directed under section 4.4. 
  7. Use of analysis tools
    • 7.1 For the website, BLP performs access measurements with web analysis methods such as Google Analytics and WebTrends. 
    • 7.2 When selecting the analytics, we make sure that they only record access data anonymously, so that no connection can be established with the user. In particular, this is done by guaranteeing the anonymity of the IP address. Cookies are used for the measurement, which allows the analysis of the use of the website. Thus, BLP can improve the quality of the data. The information generated through the use of the web pages is transmitted to the statistics server BLP-CORP-SIT, managed by BLP in Virginia, USA. Only authorized persons have access to this anonymous data.  
    • 7.3 If you do not want these analysis cookies to be used, please proceed as directed under section 4.4. 
  8. Use of social connections
    • 8.1 BLP uses so-called social connections such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ on its web pages and mobile applications. This term refers to buttons such as the “Facebook Like button”. These companies are not part of the BLP group of companies nor do they have any responsibility or involvement in the services that BLP provides. 
    • 8.2 By using what is known as the double-click method, we prevent your visit to our web pages from being recorded and analyzed by default social media providers. When you access one of our web pages that contain connections of this type, they are deactivated at the beginning. Connections will only be activated if you click the button provided. Using such activation will connect you to the social network in question and give your consent to the transmission of your data. If you press the corresponding button, this information is transmitted directly from your browser to the respective social network and stored there. If you want to end the transmission, you must again deactivate the connection. 
    • 8.3 If you are logged into a social network, the visit can also be linked to your account on that network. If you do not want the social network in question to link the data collected from your visit with your stored user data, you must log out of the network before activating the social connection buttons. 
    • 8.4 For information on the purpose and scope of the collection, processing, and use of data on the social network, as well as your rights and options to protect your privacy, please see the privacy policies of the corresponding social network. 
  9. Advertising
    • 9.1 Consent and revocation 
    • If you provide us with personal data, we use it to keep you informed about our services and, if necessary, to ask you questions, provided that you have given us your express consent to use your personal data for advertising purposes. 
    • If you have given us your consent to use the data for advertising purposes, but in the future, you no longer wish to receive advertising from BLP, you can revoke your consent at any time. Your data will be deleted or blocked, if it is still needed for billing and accounting purposes. 
  10. Use of external links
    • The BLP website may contain links to thirdparty websites (providers with which we are not associated). After clicking on the link, we no longer have control over the collection, processing, and use of any type of personal data (such as the IP address or the URL of the page containing the link) transmitted to third parties when the link is clicked, since the behavior of third parties is beyond our control. BLP disclaims any responsibility for the processing of personal data of this type by third parties. 
  11. Security
    • 11.1 Our employees and the companies in the field of services designated by BLP have a commitment to confidentiality and compliance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of the Person against the Treatment of Personal Data in Costa Rica. 
    • 11.2 BLP takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures that are defined in the Costa Rican Law on the Protection of Persons Regarding the Processing of their Personal Data, to protect your data when they are under our administration, against manipulation, loss, destruction, unauthorized access, and unauthorized disclosure. Our security measures are continuously being improved to adapt to technological development. 
  12. Access and rectification
    • The user has the right to request access to stored personal data at any time. In addition, the user can also demand that their data be corrected. 
  13. Revocation and removal
    • 13.1 At any time the user can revoke consent to collect, process, and use personal data in the future. 
    • 13.2 Personal data is deleted if you revoke your consent to store it, if it is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose of storage or if it is prohibited from being stored for other legal reasons. 
    • 13.3 The data necessary for billing and accounting or subject to a legal obligation of confidentiality are not changed. If no access is required, this data will be blocked. 
  14. Contact
    • To access, rectify, make suggestions, or file a complaint about the processing of your personal data, or to revoke your consent, please contact us at: [email protected]