In an effort to provide comprehensive service and added value for our clients, BLP has developed subsidiaries that allow us to broaden our scope ensuring quality and excellence.

Resolve by BLP

Resolve is a company specialized in business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions offering a technological, innovative and expert service, through 6 offices strategically located in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. 


Soluciones Empresariales (SOLEM) is a Contact Center that specializes in the management of extrajudicial and judicial collections, with capability, as well, in other Inbound and Outbound projects. SOLEM aims to offer our clients the most efficient resolutions from a legal, technical, and administrative perspective.

Comprised of professionals with extensive experience in different work areas, the SOLEM team has our commitment to improving their internal processes by providing practical and concrete solutions.


Zone is a company dedicated to the consultancy on and provision of environmental resources, health services, occupational safeguards, and food safety. Zone’s operations are conducted on a regional level in Central America where it focuses on providing complete, executable, and innovative solutions. Zone strongly belief that investing in sustainability helps a client to secure the future of its business.

Zone’s multidisciplinary group of experts is defined by its extensive experience in issues related to the environment, defining objectives and developing action plans, controlling the execution of plans through project management systems, and maintaining constant communication with each client.