Global Mobility & Relocation


The growth and expansion of international markets have motivated a new group of transnational companies to start operations in  Central  America.  

This  burgeoning  movement  has  created  the  need  for  qualified  foreign  workers  to  engage  in  the  processes  of  installation,  management,  and  expansion  of  new  and  existing  operations.  As  a  result,  foreign  employers  seeking  to  bring  in  key  personnel from outside must regularize this human work capital in accordance with the immigration laws of each country.

BLP  offers  a  complete  legal  department  specializing  in  the  practice  area  of  Immigration  &  Nationality.  Our  experienced  professionals  provide  critical  advice  to  transnational  or  national  companies  seeking  to  start  or  expand  their  operations  in  any  country within the region. In particular, we address the needs of those employers that must incorporate foreign human capital into their  labor  structures.  Additionally,  we  counsel  those  foreigners  who  want  to  resettle  in  Central  America  and  have  investments,  pensions, or other income that qualifies them to seek permanent residency here.


Our   firm   specializes   in   advising   on   and   completing   the   following  migratory  procedures  applicable  to  each  country  within the region:

  • Company registration
  • Temporary residency
  • Work permits
  • Special categories
  • Permanent residency
  • Visa procurement
  • Naturalization

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