Cybersecurity & Data Protection


Thanks to technological advances, cybersecurity has become a topic of high importance in every industry. In the same way, the use of personal data by all types of companies is more and more frequent. This poses additional challenges for those who wish to compile, store and process the personal data of third parties. At BLP we support our clients in this new and emerging area of law, supporting the needs that arise as new technologies advance, which entail risks for companies.


  • Compliance programs in Cybersecurity.
  • Preventive    support    to    ensure    compliance    with    applicable    regulations
  • Advice to companies in the proper handling of sensitive data
  • Design  of  corporate  policies,  protocols,  and  procedures  for  the compilation, safeguard and use of personal data, as well as management awareness of complaints in the matter
  • Review  and  drafting  of  contracts  for  inclusion  of  informed  consent     clauses,     and     other     provisions     related     to     the     administration of personal data
  • Specialized  training  for  those  persons  responsible  for  file  maintenance (databases), as well as other collaborators that share the management of data within the company
  • Legal  representation  in  the  litigation  of  administrative  and  judicial matters
  • Due diligence and guarantee negotiation in the handling of personal data in M & A processes

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